Friday, February 10, 2017

Driving Mr. Scotty

I've never taught a horse to drive before. Come to think of it, I don't really know how to drive myself. (A horse that is....) So all things considered, Scott and I are doing pretty okay!

 I think the little fellow has taken to driving like a fish takes to water. (Or something like that...) His ground driving is going so well right now. (Mostly I am glad he hasn't kicked me yet for walking behind him like that... Does that not concern most people when you ground drive?) I've only been driving him in the halter right now, but I think we are ready to add in the bridle. And he has walked with the cart behind him without having any problems. (Though he hasn't pulled the weight of it yet.)

I am super proud of our progress! (Seeing as neither one of us knows what we are doing!) I think he will be pulling our little Amish cart around everywhere before we know it! (Yes, I did actually buy the cart from an Amish community. I thought it was appropriate... and they were super nice!)

As for Lady, she is doing really great! The supplements I posted about the last time are actually really helping. I think it is the Remission that is making the biggest difference. Which, according to the reviews I read before I bought it, that is what everyone else said about it. It really works. Its helps them process starch and sugar, which significantly impacts how sore they are. And she has been walking so much better now after having taken it regularly! It was well worth the buy! I have a new farrier coming out on Monday to give me a second opinion on her, so hopefully he can give us some answers about what we are looking at. Maybe he could even suggest a better way of dealing with her hoof problems. Regardless, it will be good to just have someone else tell me what they think of her condition. 

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